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NFSW Halloween

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Building a online store for cheap

I have been a seller on eBay in the past. I am currently operating 2 stores from Bonanza and Addoway and was looking for a way to build my own online store front with a low investment and let my store grow has business grows. Since with the 2 current stores I operate is weighed on self advertising and the luck of traffic based on what they are searching to purchase. Having these stores has done ok but not where I would like to see my annual profits. The question to how can I build a robust store with all the features I need without breaking the bank. I already have a website, a simple one that is free with Go Daddy, just purchase a domain name and you get a free site where you can start building your site. This I did start with links going to my blog and my Bonanza store for about $11 a year.

I did have a CMS site also known as content management site and tried Joomla, loved it but at the time was still undecided on what I wanted a site for and was bringing in traffic for folks looking for freebie graphics but I was not bringing the online shopper who may be looking for a product I sell. I ended the site and replaced it with the simple site regarding my business and now I am ready to add a store where shoppers could find products I offer in a more organized categorized shop friendly. I wanted a site where I could manage the store with a back end login. I started searching Google for online store software for free and came across one I thought would be a great start and cost me nothing. Here is a sneak peek on my site under construction

This has everything I was looking for, a simple clean looking site for guests to shop and have the ability to add text or even there own image for me to create a one of  a kind custom product for them, it  even allows digital products with download links right after purchase or in my case some will be free for the guests to create their own design and purchase the product and upload their finished work right on the order and item for checkout. I like this because has my sales grow I can let the site grow with addons and themed sites.
I am in the process of the building this site and have not even discovered all the bells and whistles of the power this site  Here below is the backend screenshot

This has lots a of payment options but for now I have Paypal and will be placing in Google Checkout. I control the categories and products from the back end. Order processing and sales. Features like registered users will have more products to choose from and even a special invite only section for valued customers on when they login they have special access to products and discounted pricing. This will be a great benefit for repeat customer base. I am hoping to have it up in the new year. I have been working on it in between the 2 jobs I have outside the home. After all it is Christmas and need to make extra money. So I have to give it to the developers of PrestaShop. With their hard work created something like this for users like me to start a business with and investment of zero dollars and GoDaddy for hosting the site for $11 a year. Basically this is being built on a $11 a year investment and the way GoDaddy works is when my business grows I can upgrade my hosting in levels that will grow over time. If you are looking to start one yourself follow the links. I will say you need to know some of the basics of web hosting,sql databases, and tons of online reading for the gurus out their.

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Excuse To Get Coffee Everyday

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Britney Dailey

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Pinup Girl Flip Top Lighter


Now you can buy exclusive designs just on my blog, some of the  designs are just too hot for Bonanza and will be presented here on my blog. Just check out direct from here and free shipping to anywhere in the world.  More will be coming soon
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bonanza Background Burner

I just logged in to my account and noticed a feature called background burner for those sellers who wish to have a clean white background for their images. But the first thing I noticed was a cost involved for this service. I am not sure if this is something sellers are looking for in a feature for the site and at least not for an added cost to even use this service.

I think this site is not thinking in what sellers are looking for in a site. This just assures me why I have not bothered to upgrade to premium account with Bonanza. I believe they would do better if it was an included service with the premium accounts and have it where you upload your image create the burn and then download the finished product without having it remain on the sites servers.

I think this is not the focus that is needed for the site. I am all for trying out new things but never did I see sellers wishing their was a way to remove the background. For those that are concerned about having a white background can still achieve the same effect by going to your local store and buying 2 pieces of white poster board and place on on the bottom and one upright as illustrated below.

This is much more affordable way of creating the same effect and you could also use your own lighting for enhanced images to stand out and with poster board you could even change the background color to something other than white. I think Bonanza needs to focus on getting the site known out there to increase sales and allow the seller to become more profitable and make sense out of paying for premium membership. I guess we will see how long this lasts and if even a viable solution sellers want.

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Ayanna Jordon

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Amber Priddy

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Alice In Wonderland

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Amazing Annie

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Backshot Beauty

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